This past spring I tried something new; I entered a contest. Something I've been hesitant to do in the past, but I thought 'why the hell not'. A lot more recently I've been trying to tell myself 'what have I got to lose?' I find myself jumping on opportunities that would normally be intimidating. 

I found the information about the contest in Hi Fructose magazine. The company holding the contest was called Feathr, a high-end wallpaper company in the UK, featuring only curated artist designs. I designed two papers, both takes on modern botanicals. 

Round one of the contest was interesting as it was completely based on your popularity on the site to advance to round 2. So, I reached out to friends and family, my drawing group; random instagram followers. I was humbled by the positive response. Many people who I knew, and some who I didn't know, took the time to register on the site and vote for my design.

In the end I didn't win, although ten people where chosen to be new in the collection. To my surprise the design that was no. 1 popular on the site for almost the whole duration of the contest did not make the cut. However, some beautiful designs were chosen.

Would I participate in a contest like this again? Probably not. I really didn't like the style of the contest being popularity-based; I felt as though it became a elementary game of who has the most friends, a malicious game of "rate mine high and the other designs low", and overall pestering of people to vote for designs, when they had to create an account to do so. 

The upshot, however, was that I was completely blown away by the support all had exemplified, and left the contest motivated to create more. 

My designs are below. The winning designs can be seen at